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Coreless and coin motors magnets

AMOEBA, the one of the largest manufacturer of coreless and coin motors magnets in China which percentage of market coverage is above 50%, offering speciality and experience in precise machining and anti-corrosion surface treatment. Our products widely used in the range of micro motors, vibration motors, electro-sound devices, automatic controllers, microwave communication, computers, medical apparatus etc.
The NdFeB Magnetic materials we can manufacture: N52M, N48M, N48H, N46SH, 40UH, 38EH, N33AH etc.
The usual specification:

OD4.5xID2xT9.5, OD4.4xID2.4xT8.3, OD4.3xID2xT8.3, OD4xID2xT5, OD4xID2xT6, OD3.9xID2xT5.5, OD3.9xID2xT6, OD3.85xID2xT5.2, OD2.7xID1.3xT3.5, OD2.7xID1.3xT4.1, OD2.7xID1.3xT5, OD2.6xID1.7xT2.8, OD2.7xID1.7xT3.5, OD2.7xID1.7xT4.1, OD2.7xID1.7xT5.5, OD2.65xID1.25xT4.1, OD2.56xID1.27xT3.5, OD13.42xID5xT1.03, OD10.48xID4.15xT1.28, OD10.18xID3.18xT1.08, OD9.98xID4.98xT1.98, OD9.88xID5.08xT1.32, OD9.23xID5.18xT0.98, OD8.98xID3.93